Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cool Online Baby Stuff

So, I found a website called which is awesome! On it you can download a program that allows your baby to bang on all of the computer keys, and even play with the mouse, without hurting your computer. And with each key hit, a shape, number or letter pops up on the screen and along with it a giggle or a voice saying what it is. Jane loves to play with that program.

Also, my friend Jamie told me about a website called where homemade products can be listed and sold by anyone (without any sellers fees). I just checked it out today and I have high hopes of selling some homemade baby items on there in a couple of months once we move and are settled, and once I figure out what I want to make. Meanwhile, there are a lot of great products that are sold on there from handmade books, organic soap, jewelry and clothes to everything baby. Check it out!
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