Monday, August 31, 2009


Now that Jane talks a little, she is starting to say some pretty funny things. The other day we were walking up the stairs and we have a huge vent right by the stairs. She stopped at the vent and wouldn't continue up the stairs. Then she began saying "bunny, bunny, bunny" over and over again, kind of hitting on the vent. She did this a few times that day...we think she must have had a dream about a bunny in the vent or something. I told her there might be dust bunnies in there!

Last night I asked Jane if she wanted to say her prayer and she folded her arms and started to mumble a little prayer and then got bashful and turned away to finish. It was so cute. So then this morning we were having family prayers and Jane knelt down and without being asked, started to say it by herself! "Heawee Fawah, (something something) day..." Then she got bashful and hid in my lap. When she does things like this it makes me feel so much better about mommydom, like I must be doing something right.

Jane tends to get restless at church, wanting "bubbles" that lure her to nursery. She'll say "bubbles" over and over again and I have to convince her that it's not time yet...etc. Well, yesterday was a rough day for the ward in regards to reverence, and Jane did not help much either. As the last speaker was closing, I asked Jane if she wanted to sing with me and, just as the speaker said "amen", Jane decided to yell "Yahoo!" very loudly which then caused everyone behind us to giggle uncontrollably. As I said, it was a rough meeting anyway, and I think Jane shouted what everyone was thinking (although it really was unrelated), "Yahoo! It's almost over!". Many people told me afterward how she had voiced their thoughts. At least she didn't know she was doing that. Cute baby. (No offense to the last speaker ;)
Other things Jane says:
  • "foofies"= excuse me, said appropriately after expelling air
  • "sowie"= sorry, said after getting an owie, probably because it's what we say when we accidentally bump her
  • "pees" = please
  • "mak" = milk
  • "fwing" = swing
  • "mah"= more
  • "woovie"= movie
  • "hewah"= Heather
  • "sock"= Scott
I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them now...
Progress update: Jane is FINALLY drinking milk out of a sippy cup. That was a hard one to break. She bit through her last transition cup with a soft top, so we told her it was time to drink out of a sippy cup and she just said okay! Huh, that was easy?! You just never know...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Great-Great-Grandfather's House

My paternal great-great-grandfather, P.S. Houston lived in Gem, Kansas and his home was recently moved to Rexford, Kansas to be renovated to function as a bed and breakfast. I hope to go check it out sometime soon since we live so close. has some great pictures and descriptions of the home. This picture is from their website.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Reunion

We spent 5 weeks away this summer, visiting family and one of the fun things we did was have a Church family reunion up at Snowbasin in Utah. We went on a hike, took family pictures, went up and down the mountain in a gondola and ate a yummy lunch at the top of the mountain.
It was a lot of fun.

Delayed...4th of July Fun

We enjoyed our own little 4th of July celebration by splurging a little on some fireworks. Jane was in awe when they would explode, then she started to get scared and would clap and say "Yay!" when they were done.
We also went to the main city party (on July 3rd because the city changed the holiday so they could celebrate the big homegrown star, Larry the Cable Guy, on the 4th. Nice.) which got rained out. It was fun anyway. Jane and I went down a HUGE slide and we both screamed in delight. Then once the rain started we trudged back to the car in pouring rain. Good times. Just like being in Seattle.
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