Friday, August 01, 2008


So, we are finally settled in Nebraska. It took 14 people from our ward in Cedar City to help us finish packing and filling the truck and 6 people from our new ward in Nebraska to help us unload the truck and then we were done. Thank you all for the many hours of help with this long process. Although it was a sad and hard move, we are really excited to be here and look forward to what is to come. So far we have really enjoyed Lincoln and all the things to do and see. It's a lot bigger than Cedar so it's an adjustment, but I LOVE the fact that a Super Target is a 2 minute drive from our apartment! It sure beats the old 45 minute drive! Our ward seems really friendly and we feel really comfortable there and we are really happy with our apartment. I'll let you know more and post pictures once we have our internet set up.

We miss all our friends in Cedar, but the sadness hasn't really hit yet. Probably in a couple of weeks, once the exciting newness of the move has expired and we realize we don't have anyone to hang out with, we will cry a little more and realize how much we will miss Cedar City. You Cedar City friends better keep in touch!

Right now we are in Seattle for the next week for a family reunion on my mom's side. After that I will update the blog with new photos and stories.
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