Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jane's 3rd Birthday Party!

We started off with coloring time as everyone was arriving.

More arriving and mingling

Color Walk with Gold Metals for prizes

Marshmallow Drop

Opening Presents

Lucy was in good hands.


Finally blew them out. She is so proud!

The pretty insides. 
Want to know how to make the cake? Click here.

Last Minute Party Fun

Party Carnage

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a really fun and special day for Jane!

One Happy Little 3 Year Old!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Applejack Festival 2010

Scott kept saying he wasn't going to come (he's smack in the middle of taking his comprehensive exams), but he did anyway since, and I quote, "The Applejack Festival is the closest thing we have to a family tradition here in Nebraska". It sure is! We've gone every year since we moved out here and have enjoyed it every time. It is a fun way to welcome Fall and get ready for all the fun upcoming holidays.

Here are some highlights.

Jane's first pony ride, ever! And Lucy, the ever happy and patient baby.
(Notice the mustachioed man. Sweet stash.)

It was a bit blustery out. Can you see the well protected baby inside our best friend, BOB?

The whole reason for going...Apples Galore!

And Jane's favorite activity, The Train.

What a sweetie!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Just Couldn't Help Myself

Always getting squished with love.

P.S. Jane's staples are looking good and will come out next Wednesday. 
She hasn't complained about them and is feeling good!

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is Not Lipstick

Jane was jumping on our bed, even though I'd just asked her to stop, and this happened...

She hit her head on the corner of my nightstand and made a 1/2" cut on the back of her head. She screamed and I ran to help her and she just cried so hard so I knew something was really wrong. I held her and told her to point where it was hurting and then I dug around in her hair and found a big gash. It was bleeding a bit, but not as much as I thought head wounds bled. I told her to lay down and hold a rag on it while I tried to figure out where to go for help. I told her that we had to go to the doctor to help her feel better and she stopped crying and said she was feeling better and didn't need to go to the doctor. Poor baby.
She didn't cry again until they were working on her cut in the ER. 
I cried over the phone trying to find someone to come watch Lucy (she was sleeping) while we ran to the ER. Our sweet friend/ neighbor Kuei came over to watch Lucy and I ran off to the ER. Scott had just finished one of his final exams, so he took the bus from school and made it to us just as the scary stuff began. They numbed her head with a shot and then irrigated it and put 2 staples in it. She only cried, I think, because as they held her head down it was kind of smushing her face. Otherwise, she was fine as soon as they were done and wanted to play. From minutes after her injury until bed time tonight, I seriously had to make her take it easy. She was running around, jumping and playing like nothing had happened. She never really complained about any pain (except for immediately after the injury). She is one tough little lady. I am so impressed by her courage and positive attitude. (She kept asking me if I was okay, since I was the one crying the most!)
Jane is a little sweet heart. My baby has staples in her head! Eeesh.

This is after it all. She is so tough. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Lipstick Massacre of 2010

It sounds scary because it was. 

I think I actually yelped.

Jane got a hold of a new dumb lipstick I'd just bought. It is one of those crazy colorfast types that DO NOT COME OFF, especially when caked and layered upon itself.

I was mad. 

At her for doing it,
At myself for not paying better attention to her quiet ways,
For buying that dumb lipstick. 
I don't even wear lipstick.
Never again...

Okay, now prepare for a scare.
I was mad when I was taking this picture, so when she smiled I said, "Don't smile!". 
I'm a mean mommy. I think she has since forgiven me though...

An innocent victim.

I spent over an hour cleaning them off, trying everything, then finally settling on using Vaseline and scrubbing with a wet rag. There were a few tears shed, and I gave up, letting Scott take over on Jane for another hour and a 1/2.

Cleaning that darn Vaseline out of her hair.
Had I known that it DOES NOT COME OUT, I would have used it a little more sparingly on her hair.
This morning (the lipstick massacre was last night) I washed Jane's hair 3 times. I used cornstarch as a binder to help chunk up the Vaseline, then washed it. 
Repeated those 2 steps. Then had her lay down so I could pour lemon juice on her head (this cause the most fear, but ONLY because it was cold, luckily). Then I shampooed her hair again. It's still wet, but I think it feels a little slimy still...
Any ideas on how to remove Vaseline from hair?
And how to get lipstick out of clothes?
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