Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Temper Tantrum Time

She was mad because Mommy didn't want to stay outside all
day to swing in the swings. I'm so mean.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Lion Out There

Brrrrrr! It's flippin' cold out today. Yesterday afternoon I went out for a while and once Jane and I were both buckled in to the car, I realized that the windshield was frozen over. By over I mean there was 1/4" of ice on it. I've never seen a windshield like that before. The back window was clear and dry, but the front was icey because it was raining ice all morning (which is also a new odd phenomenon to me). We sat in the car for 15 minutes while it thawed enough for me to chip chunks off every now and then. It was quite the process.

Today Jane and I were trapped inside without a car so we were crafty. I found this fun St. Patrick's Day idea on Make and Takes. I was blog stalking the other day and discovered Make and Takes which has tons of cute crafty ideas for the home or for kids and lots of recipes. Check it out for some good ideas. Here is a shot of our Pot of Gold. I put Rollos in the pot. Yum!

After we were crafty, Jane had her first popsicle. I know, it was a cold day, but it sounded good, so we did it. Warmth is too far away to wait to eat popsicles. I like to break rules.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Growing Up

I can't believe my little girl is growing up! She has only ever been my baby and now all of a sudden she is a toddler! I'm so proud of her growth, but I also feel sad to see her become more independent because I know that she is one step closer to going off to college.
Last Sunday Jane went to Nursery. (For those of you counting, it is 1 month early, but I have connections...don't tell...) I have been dreaming of this day for many, many months and was counting down the days until she could go. Scott and I are both very busy during church and we were excited to have Jane go to Nursery so we could focus more on the tasks we needed to accomplish. But as I was walking her to Nursery I was getting a little teary-eyed knowing that my little baby was big enough to be on her own (well, you know, along with 10 other kids and 2-3 adults). A few times during the hour and 45 minutes that she was "alone" I almost started crying again. And now, even as I write about it I'm tearing up. Is this normal?!? I even spied on her 2 times during that hour and 45 minutes, for about 5 minutes each, by looking through the tiny peepholes they have in all the Nursery doors. It was so cute to see her interact with other kids. I saw her chase a ball and have a boy steal it from her. Then she sat, defeated on the floor for a minute. That poor girl, she isn't used to standing up for herself. I don't fight over her toys with her at home. She has full domain being the oldest of 1. But this will make her stronger. And me.
I am going to be a wreck when she goes to kindergarten. Watch out for the water-works! "Man the pumps!"
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