Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bizzaro Dream Land

So, the exterior of the building we live in is being painted. I did not know they would be painting yesterday and while all the blinds were open and I was vulnerably sitting alone in the living room, some guy climbed up a ladder and onto our balcony and freaked me out! But that's not the point of this story.
Well, the painters are all Hispanic which means they blast Mariachi music all day long. So, this morning while I was still sleeping the music was pumping right outside my window. Now, I blame my dream on the music, so please don't think I'm a weirdo. I dreamed about a chorus show that was all drag queens with red hair singing Mariachi music. That was a first. Once I woke up I realized that (no offense again...) Mariachi singers kind of sing with girly voices. Hence then dream.
Dreams are so funny! Have any of you had any funny ones lately?

Monday, September 29, 2008

How to make a baby laugh

So, this is how you do it. Stand next to them and do plenty of high kicks. That's all. Obviously I stood out of the shot, multiple high kicks can be embarrassing.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What does an Elephant say?

So, I'm not a huge fan of letting Jane watch TV or of those Baby Einstein videos. I've discovered that some of them are kind of freaky. However, Jane's into animals right now and she LOVES dogs (as long as they stay away from her) and can say "wuf" and she LOVES ducks and can sign duck and can say "duh". So I got World Animals, a Baby Einstein video from the library and a we discovered than Jane really likes elephants. So, here are a couple of videos of her demonstrating a fierce elephant sound.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Being a Parent

So, we only have bunny ears right now and it's kind of depressing. Especially because we were so spoiled before and had DVR (I would recommend it to everyone!). Anyway, I was catching up on my shows by watching them online and I came across a really great line in the season finally of ER from last year. Luca is talking to an old man and the old man says:

"Being a parent gives you strength you didn't know you had. They can keep you going, they can drive you. They can make you fight harder, soldier on, make you keep rowing up river even though everything else turns to crud."

Already feeling introspective today, this really hit me. It is so true. Now, since Jane was born things have been pretty good, but having gone through some things before she was born it makes me think that having her around would have given me even more strength to face tough times. When you have kids you become someone bigger than yourself. You no longer think of yourself first. I would do anything for her, put her needs before mine at any time. I remember when Scott was on chemo I told him to get through it if for no other reason than for our kids. We didn't have any yet, but we knew we wanted to someday and I couldn't do it without him (obviously;). So, even before we had any kids, knowing that they would someday come was what give him and myself the strength to get through that tough time. I know that when we face difficult times in the future I will be given strength beyond my own in order to endure for my kids and their future. I see and hear so many stories about people who go through terrible and difficult times and they do it, if for no other reason, for their kids. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I love my baby Jane and I would do anything for her. I never knew that kind of love until she came into my life. I am grateful for her and the strength that she gives me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Dearest Sister Money Can't Buy

Someone to look up to...
I am watching my sweet little niece (Janey) and have secretly taken control of my sister's blog. Yes I am an impostor posting on "Church-a-rama."

When I was little my sister told me I came to the family by means of a store. Yes, the family went down to a store and picked me off a shelf like a cabbage patch kid.

Despite this early traumatization, I would like to pay tribute to my only yet dearest sister, Feather Anne, Seather, HeathRat

From the first day we met...
Heather apparently was very happy to have a little sister to play with. I likely did not yet know any different at that point... I have fond memories of her making me my requested ketchup and sugar sandwiches while she babysat while mom took a nap.

She was always up for some fun times. Though I do not remember much from childhood (does anyone?) I know I always had my big sis. I was dying to go to school like she did. I was aching to be able to roll my tongue for Spanish school like she could (ARRRRRRIBA). I wanted to learn the words to Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul's songs just like Heather and learn how to do the really cool hand frame dance that Madonna did. Always hoping to be like sis.

She's not afraid of roughing (sp?) it and helped me have a love for the same. We enjoyed many wild and crazy years at Girl's Camp and still enjoy singing camp songs. In an A-Frame such as the one in the picture, we would spend many summer weeks in years to come. Heather helped instill a love for Girl's Camp in me, a place where I made great friends, had wonderful silly times, and strengthened my knowledge and testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She's a hard-working gal, who enjoys organizing, planning, and taking the horse by the reins- if you know what I mean. Her little babe is amazing due to heather's extensive research and putting in to practice such things as: getting babies to sleep well, eating well (makes her own baby food), avoiding food allergies, sign language... this list goes on and on. If you've met this baby you would know she NEVER cries (okay, almost never). She understands when it's time to go to bed and will quietly sing to herself while she falls asleep and the only real issue is she won't sit still for a diaper change and likes to do 360s while you hold her legs... but that's not Heather's fault. Her house is always filled with amazing artwork and decorative items heather made and hung by herself. I do not have the patience for such things. She always has and puts in to place elaborate home-organization schemes. She also fancies cooking and makes fun and delicious dishes.

She is very silly and will always keep you laughing. Scott wanted someone he could joke around with... well he found her. I was looking through her mission photo album and I do not think there is one single picture where she is not doing something silly making the whole room laugh.

I got to spend my birthday with her (Sunday) and she did so many special things for me that made my day, such as make my favorite cake (pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting, avoiding adding the nuts as I do not like them). Here she is on her mission acknowledging a street with my special day. She was a great little missionary in Brazil and touched many people. And now she speaks three languages! Now of course I am dying to learn Portuguese too.

We have many great memories together.

Thanks for being my big sis and don't get mad I stole your blog. (She just got home and I'm sneaking this blog entry in her newly set up craft corner.) I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more.

I love you big sis and thanks for being there and for all the fun times.

Crazy baby nightmares

So, early this morning I had a nightmare about Jane. I think it was a dream up until the end which woke me up. Sometimes when I pick her up I do so by her arms. And recently I've been wondering if that was a good idea. I didn't think much of it though because she doesn't seem to mind. So, in my dream I picked her up by her arms only to realize that instead I had ripped both of her arms off! I immediately woke up and almost cried and almost woke Scott to tell him but realized I was too tired to do either of those so I went back to sleep.

Have any of you moms out there ever had a similar baby nightmare? I would love to hear about it. Please leave comments and share your dreams/nightmares with those of us living day-to-day in blogland.

My Grandmother

Some of you may already know that my grandmother Pat Houston passed away yesterday, September 10th. She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, my church as well. After having not attended for about 25 years, she had recently begun attending services again which was very exciting. When I would go home to visit I would see her and my grandfather there in the back row of the congregation. They would be smiling and happy and it was great. This grandma was not the type that baked cookies all day long, but she was fun nonetheless. She was very excited her newest grandbaby Jane and had been making clothes for her since she was born. She'd made crochet blankets, hat and booties, dresses, pajamas, and many other items. Grandma was very skilled with the sewing machine and was excellent at crochet. I always felt very welcome and loved in her presence and we will miss her very much.
We love you Grandma.

From Jane visits Seattle

The funeral service for Pat Houston will be held on Saturday, 9/13, at the
Bellevue Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It is located on Main Street just west of 148th Ave SE.

There will be a viewing from 10:30-10:45 AM, in the Relief Society Room and then the service
will be held from 11 AM - 12 PM. Following the service, the burial will take place in Redmond.

Then, at 2 PM there will be a luncheon at the Chapel for immediate family and close friends.

An additional viewing will be held on Friday, 9/12, from 4-8 PM at:
Sunset Hills Funeral Home (0.90 miles)
1215 145th Place SE, Bellevue, WA 98007 U.S.A.
Phone No: (425) 746-1400

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remebering those who died in the Cedar City plane crash

On August 22nd a plane crashed in Moab, Utah and the 10 people on the plane died. All of them were from Cedar City and although I didn't know any of them, I know many people who did. My heart goes out to all those who are grieving. I can only imagine the sorrow they must be feeling. It is comforting to know that families can be eternal. If anyone would like to see the memorial blog for those who died in the crash, click on the title above or paste the link below.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jane walking with her walker

In this video Jane walks with her walker, her new favorite thing to do, claps and signs "milk". She is learning some signs for different things including "eat", "duck" and "book". She is picking them up quickly so we will soon be learning more words.

Jane's 1st Lemon

She liked the lemon. After eating, we walked around the mall and she continued to hold it and eat little bits now and then. She also likes dill pickles and cheese. Luckily her taste buds are like mine and not whimpy like Scott's.

Nebraska is our Home

So, we have really enjoyed living out here in Nebraska. Jane has acclimated very well (she actually never missed a beat) and we feel fairly settled into our new place. Big story...we bought 3 more giant bookshelves and are filling them up today. We still need a couch or two, but other than that we are pretty good. Scott is still settling into the rhythm of school, but he'll be fine once he buckles down and does the 9-5 thing and treats school like a regular job. I'm trying to be brave and will be going to church activities to make friends with some girls in the ward. We have met some couples who are our age and seem very nice and fun. And Jane, well, she's very wiggly and is trying to be an independent walker. Her new thing is to get into cupboards (literally climb into them), open drawers and pull everything out of them (no, that doesn't get old), and get into the toilet when daddy forgets to put the lid down. She's very into trying everything that I am eating and yesterday we discovered that she likes lemon wedges. She ate a whole one while we walked around a bookstore. She also likes to lick pickles and eat cheese. She is a girl after my own heart. So, here are a few recent pictures of us and our Jane.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Making a house (apartment) a home

So, we are slowly finding some great buys at garage sales, setting up our house with furniture that we need. We are still short a couch and some bookcases (anyone that had been to our house in Cedar would know that we have a lot of books which, by the way, are still in boxes...yes, it is a tall teetering tower). This last Saturday we found a great coffee table and matching side table and a desk and hutch for my craft/sewing stuff. I am very excited about my "creative" area, I've wanted my own workspace for years (and those who remember our Cedar home probably also remember frequently seeing my sewing machine on the kitchen table). It's not quite set up yet, but once it is I'll definitely be showing it off. Now I just need to be more proactive about using it and having fun being crafty.

Jane is so cute! She is cruising all around the house, holding onto things/walls as she walks. She hasn't had the guts to take a step on her own yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon. She loves exploring all around the apartment and carrying things with her as she goes. This week she started signing "milk" and sometimes "eat". The only problem is that she is indiscriminate with when she signs and what she may think it's for. Oh well, at least she gets that it means something. It is very cute. She is also big into talking...not that I know what she's intent on telling me, but once she figures it out herself I will enjoy having intelligable conversations with her.

My sister Sarah is also visiting us for a couple of weeks. It's been fun having her around. She is an excellent cook and is not afraid to whip out a meal now and then. I appreciate the extra help. She is also not afraid of a dirty diaper or giving Jane a bath, which is also wonderful.

Scott is getting along well at school. He is teaching 2 sections of the same class, a business speech class, and so far he enjoys it. As far as his own classes go, I think he is feeling a little overwhelmed and realizing how hard the program is. I don't think we will be seeing much of daddy around the house during the week for the next few years. But he is going to try to leave school at school so time at home will be more enjoyable.

We went to the Haymarket farmers market a couple of weeks ago and bought some great produce. There is a little duck pond near our house that we enjoy walking to. Jane likes the breeze by the pond and watching the ducks. The libraries here are great, we really enjoy going to them. We look forward to getting to know our new city a little better and finding fun family activities.

I can't seem to find out camera right now, but once I do I'll post some pictures.
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