Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Dearest Sister Money Can't Buy

Someone to look up to...
I am watching my sweet little niece (Janey) and have secretly taken control of my sister's blog. Yes I am an impostor posting on "Church-a-rama."

When I was little my sister told me I came to the family by means of a store. Yes, the family went down to a store and picked me off a shelf like a cabbage patch kid.

Despite this early traumatization, I would like to pay tribute to my only yet dearest sister, Feather Anne, Seather, HeathRat

From the first day we met...
Heather apparently was very happy to have a little sister to play with. I likely did not yet know any different at that point... I have fond memories of her making me my requested ketchup and sugar sandwiches while she babysat while mom took a nap.

She was always up for some fun times. Though I do not remember much from childhood (does anyone?) I know I always had my big sis. I was dying to go to school like she did. I was aching to be able to roll my tongue for Spanish school like she could (ARRRRRRIBA). I wanted to learn the words to Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul's songs just like Heather and learn how to do the really cool hand frame dance that Madonna did. Always hoping to be like sis.

She's not afraid of roughing (sp?) it and helped me have a love for the same. We enjoyed many wild and crazy years at Girl's Camp and still enjoy singing camp songs. In an A-Frame such as the one in the picture, we would spend many summer weeks in years to come. Heather helped instill a love for Girl's Camp in me, a place where I made great friends, had wonderful silly times, and strengthened my knowledge and testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She's a hard-working gal, who enjoys organizing, planning, and taking the horse by the reins- if you know what I mean. Her little babe is amazing due to heather's extensive research and putting in to practice such things as: getting babies to sleep well, eating well (makes her own baby food), avoiding food allergies, sign language... this list goes on and on. If you've met this baby you would know she NEVER cries (okay, almost never). She understands when it's time to go to bed and will quietly sing to herself while she falls asleep and the only real issue is she won't sit still for a diaper change and likes to do 360s while you hold her legs... but that's not Heather's fault. Her house is always filled with amazing artwork and decorative items heather made and hung by herself. I do not have the patience for such things. She always has and puts in to place elaborate home-organization schemes. She also fancies cooking and makes fun and delicious dishes.

She is very silly and will always keep you laughing. Scott wanted someone he could joke around with... well he found her. I was looking through her mission photo album and I do not think there is one single picture where she is not doing something silly making the whole room laugh.

I got to spend my birthday with her (Sunday) and she did so many special things for me that made my day, such as make my favorite cake (pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting, avoiding adding the nuts as I do not like them). Here she is on her mission acknowledging a street with my special day. She was a great little missionary in Brazil and touched many people. And now she speaks three languages! Now of course I am dying to learn Portuguese too.

We have many great memories together.

Thanks for being my big sis and don't get mad I stole your blog. (She just got home and I'm sneaking this blog entry in her newly set up craft corner.) I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more.

I love you big sis and thanks for being there and for all the fun times.


Church-a-rama said...


You sneaky rat! That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I'm feeling a little bashful for all the complements. If I weren't so tired right now I'd probably even be crying. What's funny is that I have often felt like I was looking up to YOU and your example of kindness and generosity and friendship.

It has been so fun to hang out with here in Lincoln and we will miss you when you go back to Seattle. We have appreciated all of your help and fun. And I have especially appreciated your help with Jane. I wish that you lived near us so we could hang out more and so that you could be a bigger part of Jane's life (like a permanent babysitter, just kidding). Thank goodness for the internet (or should I say "Thank you Al Gore") so we can blog and keep in better touch

I love you my sista',


Buhrmi8 said...

You guys are so cute to eachother. Although I would like to say I rememeber a time when Heather told Sarah "I think you are a little bit retarded." And it hurt Sarah pretty bad. hahahaha I miss you guys. Come visit me so we can play like the good old days!

adrianne said...

So cute! I loved all the pictures of you guys together. And the tribute to sweet Heather... I have a flash of girls camp memories going through my head right now. Most of them involve toilet humor...

I think you both know what I am talking about. I won't write them on the blog though, I don't want your other friends to be afraid of you. I mean us...

Caleb and Diane said...

Awww Heather! What a sweet sister you have!! You guys are sooo nice to each other! Tender! :0)

I agree! Jane will be walking soon!!! I like that Daisy walks because her clothes stay clean. However, because she walks her toys are now all over the house! Good and Bads to it!

You don't have any pictures of your hair cut!! I want to see!

Valarie said...

That is such a great post! I LOVE all the old fun to see those!

Cody Kristen Stocks said...

Hey Heather, I am just posting so you have our blog, that's cute about your sister!

qUittAnY said...

what? those pics are freaken sweet! Heather you are so cute. aren't sisters the best? It's so great to be able to have someone to look up to whether it's your big sister or little sister. Ya women pretty much rock!

Sara G said...

How cute! LOVE all those old school pics...sisters are fun!

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