Friday, September 26, 2008

Being a Parent

So, we only have bunny ears right now and it's kind of depressing. Especially because we were so spoiled before and had DVR (I would recommend it to everyone!). Anyway, I was catching up on my shows by watching them online and I came across a really great line in the season finally of ER from last year. Luca is talking to an old man and the old man says:

"Being a parent gives you strength you didn't know you had. They can keep you going, they can drive you. They can make you fight harder, soldier on, make you keep rowing up river even though everything else turns to crud."

Already feeling introspective today, this really hit me. It is so true. Now, since Jane was born things have been pretty good, but having gone through some things before she was born it makes me think that having her around would have given me even more strength to face tough times. When you have kids you become someone bigger than yourself. You no longer think of yourself first. I would do anything for her, put her needs before mine at any time. I remember when Scott was on chemo I told him to get through it if for no other reason than for our kids. We didn't have any yet, but we knew we wanted to someday and I couldn't do it without him (obviously;). So, even before we had any kids, knowing that they would someday come was what give him and myself the strength to get through that tough time. I know that when we face difficult times in the future I will be given strength beyond my own in order to endure for my kids and their future. I see and hear so many stories about people who go through terrible and difficult times and they do it, if for no other reason, for their kids. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I love my baby Jane and I would do anything for her. I never knew that kind of love until she came into my life. I am grateful for her and the strength that she gives me.


Sarah said...

That is a very sweet blog. It's dripping with honey. Jane is such a little ball of light and joy. Today walking up the stairs i was remembering her walking up and down the stairs millions of time.

Your clothes are really cute! :) I was thinking that is such a cute picture and was wondering when and where you took it. Then I remembered trying to snap that picture before Jane wiggled her way off the couch. That was like the one second she laid down in between wiggles.

I watched ER last night and was mad because it made me cry so much and why did they have to make things work out that way... and I never normally watch it so I'm not really connected to the characters. But it still got to me and made me mad.

Valarie said...

What a great post! That is so true....I wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world. And the pumpkin picture at the top of your blog is gorgeous! What a great shot.

stephi k said...

You're a great mom, Heather. I feel the same way. I can understand a little of how the pioneers did what they did--for their children.

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