Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy baby nightmares

So, early this morning I had a nightmare about Jane. I think it was a dream up until the end which woke me up. Sometimes when I pick her up I do so by her arms. And recently I've been wondering if that was a good idea. I didn't think much of it though because she doesn't seem to mind. So, in my dream I picked her up by her arms only to realize that instead I had ripped both of her arms off! I immediately woke up and almost cried and almost woke Scott to tell him but realized I was too tired to do either of those so I went back to sleep.

Have any of you moms out there ever had a similar baby nightmare? I would love to hear about it. Please leave comments and share your dreams/nightmares with those of us living day-to-day in blogland.


Sara G said...

Hey Heather! I'm sorry I missed you guys when you came to visit the Bailey's. I was so bummed when Kiersta told me you came over--we were in the backyard with the girls and didn't hear the door. Jane is SOOO cute! I have dreams like that alot actually. Like getting electrocuted because she is biting on a cord or I'm in the kitchen and I drop a knife on them or a hot pan/pot falls. They are just actual fears I have, but in my dreams they really happen and it's scary! As moms we are just always worrying...Audrey is so squirmy when I change her diaper that I have to use my feet to pin her down. She still tries to roll over though and I worry her shoulders will dislocate one of these days.

stephi k said...

I dream about my kids drowning. It gives me chills in my dream when I see them underwater and sometimes my mind copes by saying they can breathe under there still.

emnemily said...

Most definitely! I have these dreams on a nightly basis - falling down the stairs, running in front of a car - they're all just manifestations of our fears. They are scary at first, but you'll (unfortunately) get used to them :)

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