Monday, September 01, 2008

Making a house (apartment) a home

So, we are slowly finding some great buys at garage sales, setting up our house with furniture that we need. We are still short a couch and some bookcases (anyone that had been to our house in Cedar would know that we have a lot of books which, by the way, are still in boxes...yes, it is a tall teetering tower). This last Saturday we found a great coffee table and matching side table and a desk and hutch for my craft/sewing stuff. I am very excited about my "creative" area, I've wanted my own workspace for years (and those who remember our Cedar home probably also remember frequently seeing my sewing machine on the kitchen table). It's not quite set up yet, but once it is I'll definitely be showing it off. Now I just need to be more proactive about using it and having fun being crafty.

Jane is so cute! She is cruising all around the house, holding onto things/walls as she walks. She hasn't had the guts to take a step on her own yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon. She loves exploring all around the apartment and carrying things with her as she goes. This week she started signing "milk" and sometimes "eat". The only problem is that she is indiscriminate with when she signs and what she may think it's for. Oh well, at least she gets that it means something. It is very cute. She is also big into talking...not that I know what she's intent on telling me, but once she figures it out herself I will enjoy having intelligable conversations with her.

My sister Sarah is also visiting us for a couple of weeks. It's been fun having her around. She is an excellent cook and is not afraid to whip out a meal now and then. I appreciate the extra help. She is also not afraid of a dirty diaper or giving Jane a bath, which is also wonderful.

Scott is getting along well at school. He is teaching 2 sections of the same class, a business speech class, and so far he enjoys it. As far as his own classes go, I think he is feeling a little overwhelmed and realizing how hard the program is. I don't think we will be seeing much of daddy around the house during the week for the next few years. But he is going to try to leave school at school so time at home will be more enjoyable.

We went to the Haymarket farmers market a couple of weeks ago and bought some great produce. There is a little duck pond near our house that we enjoy walking to. Jane likes the breeze by the pond and watching the ducks. The libraries here are great, we really enjoy going to them. We look forward to getting to know our new city a little better and finding fun family activities.

I can't seem to find out camera right now, but once I do I'll post some pictures.


Christie said...

Sounds like you guys are super busy! Way fun! Yeah we've missed you guys too... we have no married friends around now! hehe jk Good luck Scott at school that sounds really intense! Good thing they are the same class, that takes the work load off just a little bit! Good luck finding book cases! Garage sales are the best!

Brent said...

Hi Heather! We need to get together again soon. Have you been to the Children's Museum yet? It is my kids favorite! We also love the Ager Play center. Let me know when you want to go!


Lincoln Children’s Museum
1420 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

Explore a three-story apple tree; kids can pretend to work for community entities such as a bank, a grocery store, police and fire stations and more. This is not your everyday museum featuring hands-on activities and interactive displays for the young and young at heart.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo
1222 South 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

Float and flutter your way to the Butterfly Pavilion where butterflies will land on visitors’ heads and outstretched arms and gallop your way to a pony ride. That’s not all; this zoo has over 300 animals like Amur leopards, Bactrian camels, river otters, eagles, crocodiles and reindeer.

Ager Play Center
1300 South 27th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502

Designed with kids in mind this indoor playground is an adventure in waiting with and indoor track and kiddie vehicles. If you have child under 3 there is plenty of for them as well in the toddler play area.

stephi k said...

I'm so happy to hear you are acclimating to well and you are doing great. We miss seeing Jane grow up. I would love to come out and visit you--maybe next summer.

Momster said...

Thanks for the update my dear little one. I'm glad that you're getting things set up at your new place and that Scott is settling into school. Jane sounds soooo adorable! John and I are excited to see her enjoying her baby wandering adventures and wish it could be in person! It's really great that Sarah can hang out with you guys for a few weeks! Please tell her that we're missing her cooking over here in WA! Love, Momster

Anonymous said...

Yes it was Ashley that talked me into the Yoga. I am sorry I gave into the pressure. Kyle was out of town I had nothing else to do and no good excuses. We haven't played much pickle ball or badminton since I found a job and school started. It has kept us pretty busy. It sounds like everything is going good out there. I miss you, but I am excited for you guys.

qUittAnY said...

it's good to hear (read) that you three are doing great! I hope you're making cool friends to play with especially while scott is busy at school- we miss you guys- maybe we'll make a trip there some time in our travels this next year!!! We're so happy for you guys and your own life adventures.

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