Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nebraska is our Home

So, we have really enjoyed living out here in Nebraska. Jane has acclimated very well (she actually never missed a beat) and we feel fairly settled into our new place. Big story...we bought 3 more giant bookshelves and are filling them up today. We still need a couch or two, but other than that we are pretty good. Scott is still settling into the rhythm of school, but he'll be fine once he buckles down and does the 9-5 thing and treats school like a regular job. I'm trying to be brave and will be going to church activities to make friends with some girls in the ward. We have met some couples who are our age and seem very nice and fun. And Jane, well, she's very wiggly and is trying to be an independent walker. Her new thing is to get into cupboards (literally climb into them), open drawers and pull everything out of them (no, that doesn't get old), and get into the toilet when daddy forgets to put the lid down. She's very into trying everything that I am eating and yesterday we discovered that she likes lemon wedges. She ate a whole one while we walked around a bookstore. She also likes to lick pickles and eat cheese. She is a girl after my own heart. So, here are a few recent pictures of us and our Jane.

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Christie said...

so we were wondering if Scott just stopped shaving since he's not in the bishopric now? Jk. Looks like you guys are having fun there! Good luck trying to find some good couches, we're enjoying your old one!

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