Saturday, September 18, 2010

Applejack Festival 2010

Scott kept saying he wasn't going to come (he's smack in the middle of taking his comprehensive exams), but he did anyway since, and I quote, "The Applejack Festival is the closest thing we have to a family tradition here in Nebraska". It sure is! We've gone every year since we moved out here and have enjoyed it every time. It is a fun way to welcome Fall and get ready for all the fun upcoming holidays.

Here are some highlights.

Jane's first pony ride, ever! And Lucy, the ever happy and patient baby.
(Notice the mustachioed man. Sweet stash.)

It was a bit blustery out. Can you see the well protected baby inside our best friend, BOB?

The whole reason for going...Apples Galore!

And Jane's favorite activity, The Train.

What a sweetie!

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