Monday, August 24, 2009

Delayed...4th of July Fun

We enjoyed our own little 4th of July celebration by splurging a little on some fireworks. Jane was in awe when they would explode, then she started to get scared and would clap and say "Yay!" when they were done.
We also went to the main city party (on July 3rd because the city changed the holiday so they could celebrate the big homegrown star, Larry the Cable Guy, on the 4th. Nice.) which got rained out. It was fun anyway. Jane and I went down a HUGE slide and we both screamed in delight. Then once the rain started we trudged back to the car in pouring rain. Good times. Just like being in Seattle.

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Sarah said...

That sounds like a fun 4th of July. I can't remember when the last time was I actually did fireworks. I remember doing them at the apartments with dad when we were lil chicks. I remember the snake ones and he'd but them in the little BBQ

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