Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Life is Average

Do you ever feel like you are incredibly boring and average? I often feel like that. My usual routine includes getting up, getting Jane and myself ready, eating, cleaning, playing on/with toys, making dinner, watching TV and going to bed. Average. Repetitive. 

Because of the tedium, I tend to find mundane things quite funny. I recently found a website devoted to people like me who have average things happen to them each day. 

Here are a couple of posts that I thought were funny:
"Today, while walking on campus I had my iPod on. As I was walking, I saw a guy with long, beautiful hair and a clean face. Just then, my iPod went to "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" by Aerosmith. I nodded, agreeing to my music."

"Today, I was eating a cup of pudding, but to make it last longer I used a very small spoon. "

"Last night I was trying to go to sleep but I was really hot under the blankets. Instead of taking them off I turned the air conditioner on and stayed under them because its scary without a blanket."
"Today, I threw my frisbee into some weeds. I went looking for it, and instead found two smaller frisbees. I felt my frisbee had given birth and moved on. I mourned my frisbee, but will protect its children. "

It makes me feel better to know that most people are just as odd as I think I am. I'm average, just like everybody else.


Christie said...

I must live a mundane life as well, because those are funny!

stephi k said...

SAHMs are the epitome of boring and repetitive. Just ask their husbands.
Not to sound derogatory. "By small and simple things..."
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

Luke and Bridget said...

Too funny!!! Sorry we missed you guys up North! Hope you're having an awesome vacay! =)

Tyler, Jamie, Addie and Trey! said...

Yeah for Baby #2! Wahoo! That is so exciting for you guys! I noticed you guys went to the omaha zoo and thought gosh we need to meet up there sometime with the kids and hang would be so fun! I've heard the omaha zoo is amazing.

The Bealers said...

You are great! I am sooooo average. You are amazing at helping me see the humor and adventure in being average. Love you. Good luck with the prego days.

Joel, Lily, and Sofia said...

I am a fan!

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