Friday, April 18, 2008

Our 6-Month Old

Jane is getting so big! A couple of weeks ago we went to the local country store to see the baby ducks, chicks and even turkeys that were for sale. I thought she wouldn't care at all, but she was totally into it! I think, if she could have, she would have pulled an "Of Mice and Men" move and squished the life out of one.

There are also some fun shots of her just being cute. Enjoy.

Easter 2008 and Aunt Krisi and Uncle Eddy's wedding

Jane and I had a fun Easter up in Sandy with Scott's family while he partied with the boys down in Mesa. Then we all had fun at Aunt Krisi and Uncle Eddy's wedding the following weekend. Here are some fun shots from both occasions.

Crazy Janey

Here are some fun pictures of Jane's silliness. These were taken between February and mid-March. Hope you like them! She is so goofy!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jane's January visit to Seattle

Here are some fun shots including her first plane ride and meeting family and friends (like mom's dog Big Red).

Aunt Sarah's visit to Cedar City

We had a lot of fun with my sister Sarah when she came to visit us all after her Christmas in Panama. We went to a cheezy New Year's Dance and Jane experienced her first formula bottle and loved it.

More December Shots

Here are some more cute pictures including when Jane first met Santa.

Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas here in Cedar City. It was fun to have Jane's first Christmas and have our first Christmas alone as our little family. Here are some fun memories...

Catching Up

I have been absolutely terrible at keeping our blog current. My new goal is to correct that issue so you will all know what is going on, because as you all know I'm even worse at talking on the phone and emailing. So, I hope you enjoy a little reminiscing as we travel back in time from Christmas and then back to the future again.
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