Saturday, October 21, 2006


Well, it's been 3 months since we moved down to Cedar City. We've had a lot of fun here so far. Cedar City always has festivals going on. The latest was the local Sheep Festival, which I heard was not too exciting. Starting this weekend, the local deer hunting season has started which brings with it bright orange jackets and lots of veal marsala.

Something strange happened a couple of weeks ago. A semi full of live pigs tipped over about 5 miles north of here, spilling live and "fresh bacon" all over the road. I heard that pigs were running around everywhere.
Finding certain necessities can sometimes be a challenge, since the only chain store within 45 minutes of us is a Super Walmart. At least it's Super. There are 2 movie theaters, and since Scott works at the bank where the theater owner banks, he's been trying to buddy-up with the owner so we can get into movies for free. (Apparently this is not too hard to do. Most people who come into the bank don't even need to show ID because everyone that works at the bank knows everyone that lives in town. Scott hasn't quite memorized everyone yet. Prime example: Someone with the name of the movie theater owner came into the bank and told Scott that work was a little hectic. Scott replied with, "Yeah, I bet the movie theater gets a little crazy sometimes." The guy kinda laughed and then drove off. Scott's co-worker then told him that that man owned one of the local car dealerships, not the movie theaters. Oh well.
School has been going well for us. I should be done in May with another degree, an AAS in Interior Design, and Scott will have his Masters in Professional Communications in May 2008. My classes are all going well. It's been interesting to learn how to weave on a loom. I almost feel like I'm in black and white when I'm doing it.

Scott has been asked by one of his professors to co-author a paper that they hope to publish, which he is really excited and stresses out about. He is also teaching an undergraduate communications course which is going really well. The only problem is that he gets a little too emotionally involved when a kid wants to fail. Scott is slowly figuring out that he can't make anyone get an A, they have to want to get an A.
We are looking forward to having a Halloween party at our place. We hope that some people actually show up. If anyone has any good party ideas, please let us know.
That's about it for now. Thanks for checking up on us!


By Tor said...

Blog it up.

Glad to hear you are doing good. (great picture by the way.) (also, another by the way: The Information is great! I took your advice and bought it. The video for 1000BMP is probably the best thing ever. so tuff.)

Keep the Cedar City news coming.

"And what do you do for a living, Mr. Fletch?"
"I'm a shepherd."

jenni said...

I have a halloween party idea for you. Make or buy a veggie dip then stick 5 baby carrots in it to look like fingers. Use some of hte dip as glue to put sliced almonds on the tips for a realistic fingernail. More ideas are at
Happy Halloween

jenni said...

I have a Halloween party idea for you. Make or buy a veggie dip. In the dip stand up 5 baby carrots formed to look like fingers. Use sliced almonds glued to the carrot with dip for a realistic fingernail look. for more ideas go to
Happy Halloween

Mighty Steve said...

good idea, you inspired me to get off of my duff and start my own blog, have wanted to for a long time. just got back from a dialysis meeting in portland, it was warm and sunny, with lots of cool stuff.

The Fuja Family said...

Wow! It's awesome to hear from you! Wendy has a sister that lives in St. George that we visit once in a while, so maybe we'll have to stop in when we're driving through sometime and treat you guys to lunch :)

This is really creepy, but Wendy and I were just barely looking around for a good place to do a blog. Yours looks awesome. We'll let you know when we get ours up and going.

Have an awesome week!

~the Jew

Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! You guys are so funny! I'm so proud to be your Mom! You'll certainly be famous one day!!


Valarie said...

Hey Heather and Scott-

It was fun to read about you & your life in Cedar City - although I think we still win the pity party for least-fun place to live! At least you're 2 1/2 hours from Vegas. Rob's parents live in St. George so maybe we'll be in your neck of the woods some time soon. Anyway, if you want to read about our hum-drum yet hectic life, check out our blog at Hopefully I will update it soon.


Sandy Papacito said...

Hi Heather & Scott,

Great Halloween party ideas in Food Section of Deseret News Wednesday, October 25th. We like your BLOG

Mighty Steve said...

Just watched "The Best Two Years". Very funny and touching, best LDS movie I have seen. It reminded me of my own trip to Amsterdam without all of the efforts to sprechen sie dutch.

Mighty Steve said...

I was not quoting Douglas Adams, more of a Jimmy Buffett frame of mind. I want to put some video on you tube also.

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