Friday, May 16, 2008


So, Jane starting crawling about a week ago. And not the wimpy kind of crawling, I mean more like hauling. I turn my head for one second and she's outta my sight. Today I even had to run around the house a couple of times calling her name trying to find her. She is so sneaky. The fun part of it is that she will follow me around some times, so I don't have to carry her every where I go.
Another thing she has learned is to whine when she doesn't like the situation, like when I close the bathroom door to keep her out of the toilet, etc. Some day she'll thank me. Especially if it prevents me from telling her friends about the "time she ate poop out of the toilet" like my mom gets to do. (Thank goodness I can't remember that moment in time.)
Jane also has a cold (which I prevented in myself thanks to Wal-mart's Zinc tablets) and I get to suction her nose all day long. We had some pretty productive suctions today which have taught her that it's not all bad and she'll now hold still for them.


Sarah said...

"Under pressure" doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo... I sing this song in honor of the fact that I always have to leave you comments to make sure you guys have fun comments. I like to though so I'm not really under pressure.

Mom would like to clarify (she tried but it didn't post) that it was not out of the toilet "now everyone is going to think I'm a bad mom and let her eat out of the toilet".

That's so cute how she follows you around crawling. I wish I could see her. We should use suction on ourselves when we have colds. It probably works better than trying to "wipe" and blow with kleenex. Maybe I'll invent an adult suctioner.

Sarah said...

Oh, and put a video of her on here or on you tube crawling please. PRONTO.

stephi k said...

I just have to offer my condolences/congratulations on Jane crawling. It's so fun to see her grow up. I've never heard your "eating poop out of the toilet" story. Do I want to? Have you heard my parents version of my "eating a cockroach and the leg hanging out of my mouth" story?

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