Sunday, October 12, 2008

More about Homemade Baby Food

All you avid fans out there may remember me mentioning
making baby food at home. I recall someone commented
saying that I was now becoming a "hippie" because of it.
Actually, I do it to save money, save time,
and to feed my baby healthier things than overly
processed foods. This is a shot of some
red beans, peas, and carrots. YUM!

Here is a cool video I found explaining how to make your own
baby food. My favorite part is at the end.
Lets just say: bird food....
Other than that it's a great video.
Good luck all you Hippie Moms!


qUittAnY said...

I liked the bird part too- those baby food pops look good frozen, i want to make them to eat myself....maybe not. But i'm excited to have babies so i can be a freaken cool hippie mom like you:) no but i think it's funny how as soon as someone cares about what's being put into your mouth (or baby's mouth) or caring about the environment or any of those to me "common sense" things everyone calls you a "hippie" ha! it's funny- well quinn and i are kinda hippies but still! j/k :)

Motherboard said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing that! I'm a "hippie" Mom too! Only I refuse to give up my bra. Cause that's just gross!

I made my own baby food with my 3rd baby-- she is the best eater that I have! I am excited to start making baby food for Moxie... she just started solids!

Jentry said...

I agree with quittany that if you somehow start caring about anything you're a hippie. Well I'm a hippie with you. I think you're a great mom and I'm taking notes, just so you know.

The Barlow Family said...

I loved to see Jane's birthday cake, and it is very interesting about making baby food. You always have interesting facts. I sure hope that you guys are doing well. It looks like it. Keep in touch!

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