Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese, dude!

We decided to take Jane to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday this year. She had a lot of fun, except when the Cheese man himself walked around, he freaked her out. However, she had no fear of the animatronics animals...
They had tiny arcade games and rides just her size. After a while, it all got to be a bit too much for her, but she still had a lot of fun and picked out prizes from her ticket spoils.

Here is a clip of us all "riding" a roller coaster arcade game. Her laughing is about the cutest thing ever!


Jentry said...

Super cute, I love her. I didn't even know Chuck e Cheese was in Lincoln.

Jessica said...

Jane is so cute!
Thanks for letting us in on the coaster ride! It was fun!

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