Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geriatric Date

My sweet sister is here helping out with life and she let us go out ALONE tonight. So, of course, first on Scott's list was to go peruse the aisles of Barnes and Noble. While Scott looked at smarty books (philosophy, etc.), I checked out the Humor section, finding some gems. One such was a compilation of blog posts from the awesome blog We spent some time sitting and laughing at those poor cake decorators.

Then we went to Walgreen's and browsed a bit, then bought some stool softener (I just had a baby, thank you very much). On a whim we both decided to get some shoe insoles. And then, as a treat for Jane, some Fiber Gummies. Toddler constipation is nobodies friend.

When we got home, we both ripped open our shoe insoles and tried them out with glee. Afterward, as I was walking up the stairs I reflected on our excursion.
Wait a minute...we just had an old people date! Book browsing, stool softener, and shoe insoles!!!
We are lame. Yet, we are happy.


Mike Kennedy said...

That is pretty bad. I am not sure I have even stooped that low!

Sarah said...

haha, that's funny! I thought it was funny when you guys got home and were ripping open your new shoe insoles that you each had. You were fascinated with them and very excited to try them out. Now I understand. I really enjoyed the nights I got alone with the girls...except for tantrums, but other than that it was really really fun! Lots of good memories.

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