Thursday, March 11, 2010


Do you ever find yourself lamenting your life or situation? Things could be worse. That's what I remind myself when things are hard. I'm not necessarily feeling down or anything, but someone near me was having a bad day today. While I was driving this morning I saw a car with a pizza box for a window. It was snowing and super slushy outside, and this poor guy was using a pizza box as a window. Those things aren't exactly waterproof. It was on the driver side window and he had a little hole cut out near the side mirror so he could see out the side. Talk about a blind spot.
I remember that once one of my uncles had a car that was so bad, he had to drive with a pipe out the window that he would breath through so he wouldn't suffocate from the fumes in the car. In the middle of a Utah winter. That's pretty bad.
At least I have windows in my car that work and a safe way to drive my family around. Even if we don't live in a house with a yard right now, at least we live in a clean and safe environment. Even though Scott is just a student (no $$$), at least we have a happy little family. The "at least's" are endless. I am grateful for my little family and the many ways we feel blessed each day. I hope you can feel and find some gratitude in your life today.
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Barlow Fam said...

Thank you so much for that, it really just made me think about my life and really how blessed that I am. Thanks so much!!

Jenni said...

I feel the same way. I can relate to living in the midwest winters with babies and student life. Still living similarly but with little snow and bigger babies. ;)

The Shermans said...

Hey! I happen upon your blog so often. Your life is so much like mine and I love to relate to your posts; this one especially. I feel like I complain a lot, even though I find myself soooo blessed. Life can be so mundane and hard with toddlers and babies, but really they are the greatest blessings and bring great joy!
My blog is private--email me: and I'll get you hooked up on the Sherman scoop. Take care, Jen

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