Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Both our girls happened to need well child visits at the same time, 
so that is what we did this morning.
Here are the stats:

Weight is 5-8% 
Height is 50-60%

Weight is 30% (highest she's ever been!)
Height is 90-95% (highest she's ever been!)

The doctor did a height predictor for Jane...
She MAY be around 5' 7" as an adult. 
Totally wastes me.

My girls are so sweet. 
Both got flu shots and were so sad, but did well and were fine within a few minutes. 
Then, Jane got a finger pricked, which took some talking into after the flu shot, 
but she did well and didn't cry too much.
She also did a great job with her eye exam, scoring at least 20/30. 
So far, our vision deficiency curse has not  been passed on to her. 

1 comment:

Sarah S said...

Yay for Jane & Lucy. I'm impressed at how well it sounds like they handeled their shots. 5'7" would totally pass me too ;). But, Cate is still in the 35% for height, so I guess she's fallen prey to my short-ness.

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