Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jane's Float 4 Life Swim Test

Jane has just finished her first Float 4 Life session and had her first swim test today. This swim class is to help her learn how to survive if she falls into a pool and no one is around to help her immediately. She has learned how to come up from the water by kicking off the bottom of the pool, kick her way up onto her back and float. Then she can kick until she reaches the edge of the pool and turn over and climb out of the pool. She is still a little nervous so we are going to do another session of lessons, but she is doing so well! Eventually she will be able to blow bubbles as she kicks face down, turn over to her back to float and breath, etc.
So, this video is of her test. She needed to wear her shoes, clothes and regular diaper to simulate a true scenario. Her diaper was HEAVY when she got out, so I am so proud of her being able to float even with so much weight strapped to her waist. She was a bit scared and cried while doing it because it was such a different experience, however, she did it again later after I turned off the camera without crying and came out of the pool feeling giddy and proud of herself! She kept calling herself a big girl and was saying that everything around her was new, ie, "These are new shoes, that is new mommy, new Lucy", etc. So cute! We are proud of our little fish.


Do you ever find yourself lamenting your life or situation? Things could be worse. That's what I remind myself when things are hard. I'm not necessarily feeling down or anything, but someone near me was having a bad day today. While I was driving this morning I saw a car with a pizza box for a window. It was snowing and super slushy outside, and this poor guy was using a pizza box as a window. Those things aren't exactly waterproof. It was on the driver side window and he had a little hole cut out near the side mirror so he could see out the side. Talk about a blind spot.
I remember that once one of my uncles had a car that was so bad, he had to drive with a pipe out the window that he would breath through so he wouldn't suffocate from the fumes in the car. In the middle of a Utah winter. That's pretty bad.
At least I have windows in my car that work and a safe way to drive my family around. Even if we don't live in a house with a yard right now, at least we live in a clean and safe environment. Even though Scott is just a student (no $$$), at least we have a happy little family. The "at least's" are endless. I am grateful for my little family and the many ways we feel blessed each day. I hope you can feel and find some gratitude in your life today.
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Monday, March 01, 2010

Sleeping Like A Baby

Yeah, I sleep like a baby. Up until midnight, up at 4am, up at 6am, up at 8am, no nap... I am fully rested.
But isn't that face cute enough to get no sleep over?
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