Monday, October 11, 2010

Jane Says

Said in a voice that gradually increased in volume and pitch,
"When my grow up I'm gonna get your make-up!!! I'm so 'cited!"

This little girl is such a chatter box. Constantly talking, from the moment she wakes until the moment she falls asleep. Actually, she talks in her sleep sometimes too, so, she kind of never stops talking.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Both our girls happened to need well child visits at the same time, 
so that is what we did this morning.
Here are the stats:

Weight is 5-8% 
Height is 50-60%

Weight is 30% (highest she's ever been!)
Height is 90-95% (highest she's ever been!)

The doctor did a height predictor for Jane...
She MAY be around 5' 7" as an adult. 
Totally wastes me.

My girls are so sweet. 
Both got flu shots and were so sad, but did well and were fine within a few minutes. 
Then, Jane got a finger pricked, which took some talking into after the flu shot, 
but she did well and didn't cry too much.
She also did a great job with her eye exam, scoring at least 20/30. 
So far, our vision deficiency curse has not  been passed on to her. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Little Prisoner

Way too cute for words.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Jane is Officially 3!

I can't believe our little girl is 3! Makes me kind of sad and nostalgic. 
Jane is such a little sweetheart and we are so lucky that she is our baby girl!

We had a fun day today. Here are a few of the things we did...

We went to church to play while daddy did some stuff for his calling and played in the gym and had a family picnic.

Grandma Cherlynn and family sent Jane a fun edible arrangement.

For dinner, we went to Olive Garden because she wanted noodles. 
Here Jane is contemplating life. (She was really tired.)
I can't believe how adorable she was being here!

Then we went to the mall and let her ride the carousel 2 times. 
(Daddy is in charge of chaperoning since mommy gets too dizzy.)

A typical shot of Jane. 
Always going, going, going, like a blur.

She wanted chocolate cake "with powder and a smiley face". 
She was VERY specific.
She was really excited for her candles.
I put the smiley face on her piece with whipped cream.

The Happy Girl on her Happy Day.

We love you Jane!
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