Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Blessing

Scott blessed Jane and named her for the records of the church on November 11, 2007. She did very well until the middle of the blessing when she started to cry. Luckily Scott remembered my advice and stuck his finger in her mouth which she sucked on very contently for the duration of the blessing!

Here she is being cute.

Scott's family mostly lives in Utah so a lot of them came down for the blessing and his aunt Rhea and uncle Sterling graciously hosted a family luncheon afterwards. I even had some family come down to visit including, my aunt Trina Kennedy and her daughters Ashley and Rachel, my cousin Kalare, my grandma Cheryl Eberting and my dad and brother James. It really meant a lot to me to have family here to support us. Thanks you guys for coming down.

Here is Grandpa Houston with Jane.

And here is Great Grandma Eberting with Jane.

Incase you are wondering why Scott is wearing a missionary tag in the top picture, all members of the bishopric's for student wards at SUU have to wear nametags. Scott was called as 2nd counselor in our ward the same day as the baby blessing. That was a shock, but he loves being able to serve the ward each week.

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