Friday, June 13, 2008

Graduation and Grandparents

Scott graduated May 3rd with an M.A. in Communications. We are very proud of him (however, he is still frantically working to finish his Thesis this month!).There are a couple of cute pictures of Jane and Scott with their graduation caps on (I made Jane's by shrinking my old one). My mom came down to spend some time with us and play with Jane around graduation and Scott's parents came for his graduation. We all had a good time and are grateful when anyone comes to visit.


Sarah said...

FINALLY! But it doesn't really count because I think I already had seen all of those pictures. Oh well, better than nothing. I love how she is always doing weird things with her fingers and they're always flailing away in every which direction. That's so cute how she is intently listening and looking at the book. And that is so cute how she is staring at the camera in the first picture. MORE PICTURES MORE PICTURES!

qUittAnY said...

oh yeah! The baby cap! that is so great ha! awesome pics!

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