Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote!

There are a lot of important issues to consider this election year. Especially regarding the definition of family and other moral issues. Make sure you know and understand what you are voting for or against! Good luck tomorrow.


Sarah said...

I just submitted my ballot. I had to do all this stuff to be able to vote because I realized I have class tomorrow and would not have been able to vote. It was a lot of hard work, and I tried to study out the little booklet before making my choices. I waited in line over an hour this morning to get a ballot then after my internship bought a snack or two (or 5) and sat in the car and filled out my ballot. I drove over and submitted it into the box and could hardly resist a rousing rendition of the star spangled banner. (Yes, I did sing it to myself in the car.) I felt so patriotic and so good for participating in the democratic process. Hooray for my country. I almost called you to sing but knew you wouldn't have been as excited as I was. OH SAY CAN YOU SEE......!!

stephi k said...

I've been so ramped up about election day, it's kind of a downer to have it over. Imagine how the candidates feel! I'm pretty happy with the results except for the (big) one.
do you guys watch the o'reilly factor? I sent him an e-mail tonight I'm hoping will get on the show tomorrow.

stephi k said...

Oh, and I love that picture of jane that Sarah has.

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