Monday, May 31, 2010

Say 8

For Memorial Day Lucy gave me the gift of 8 hours of sleep. Yes, you read that right, 8 HOURS! This was the first time I've slept 8 hours in a row since January 6th of this year. Sleep, how I have missed you. Now, I realize I am totally jinxing this blessed event, but I just had to announce to the world how excited I am about it.

For Memorial Day Jane gave me the gift of pee all over the bathroom counter, down the drawers, in the drawers and all over the floor. I guess that's what "Uh-oh" means when you hear it from the other room. Potty training is so fun!

Good times. Kiddies are the best!


Cherlynn said...
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Cherlynn said...

WOW! The precious little ones are so adorable Heather and you are such a fabulous Mom! It sounds like Jane is quite the little climber! :-)

Sarah S said...

Woohoo! They are both so beautiful and sleep sounds like a brilliant present!

Sarah said...

Happy 8 day! Can I have some 8?

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