Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Me Amo Super Target

I had the best Target trip ever today.

I was taking a risk by going so near to nap time, especially since Lucy Goose would not take her morning nap. Also, I haven't been able to find my wallet for a couple of days, with extensive searching going on. I said a little prayer, and, TA-DA!, there it was! We began with 2 negatives, and left for the store with a score of Mommy 1, Bad Luck 1 (near nap time).

Then we got there and I ran into my friend Cheryl. We chatted for a while and then Jane announced, "Mommy, I'm not wearing a diaper." Gasp! We are not fully potty trained yet (or as Jane says, "On the Potty Train") and grocery carts are not the best places for potty accidents. So, since my friend in so nice, she watched Lucy and our cart full of stuff while I ran to the potty with Jane, who, BTW, did a smashing job of using the potty!

My favorite frozen herbs were on clearance, I found EVERYTHING I needed (even though they recently remodeled and I don't know where anything is anymore), no one cried (not even me!) or did a doody. Lucy even dropped her stuffed pig and I didn't notice and some random girl walked up to me while I was in line and asked if it was ours saying she'd been asking every one in the store (she was a shopper even, not a worker!).

The lines were crazy long and I was feeling nervous because the nap ticking time bomb clock was running out of time...Then walked up my night in shining armor. A Zack Efron look-a-like (not that I'm into teen boys or anything, but I get it) and he offered to help me in another line. Now, I've had this boy help me before and he did a smashing good job. Scott is a student, we are poor, so we get WIC, which I love, but many tellers hate to ring me up. This kid helped me with 12, yes 12! checks, even turning his line light off so no one would get mad at me in line for taking so long. He was amazing. So I was really excited that he was helping me again. He remembered me (crazy WIC lady, how could he forget?!) and was really nice about all my WIC checks again (only 3 this time).

Then we got home without anyone crying and now I have 2 little angels sleeping the afternoon away. Sigh.

Anyway, wasn't that the best Super Target trip ever?!

The End.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

So pleased to know that I played a part in creating the best Super Target trip ever!

And Way to Go, Jane!

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