Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toddlers and Markers

Need I say more? Sure is cute though.
Knowing it's only dry erase and not a sharpie makes it even cuter.

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bridget said...

Oh Heather! I love the marker! One time Suzanne (age 3) covered Eric (10 monthes) in permanent marker. I was so angry and it wouldn't come off. So when I saw your blog all I could do was smile! AND! HOLY LIPSTICK! There should be an award for your cleaning feat!

I'm glad you said you were mad. I HATE it when mom's are like "look how cute and fun." It's not fun!

I admit, I laughed, A LOT! Because they are not my kids. I'm not sure why it is so funny when other kids write on each other or smoother each other and themselves in lipstick--but when it's my own kids, it feels like a piece of hell!

Good job! for surviving motherhood.

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