Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jane, Jane, Bo Bane

Banana, fana, fo fane. Me, my, mo, mane. Jay-ane. I love this baby. She is so cute and suddenly getting so big! Check her out!She's suddenly into her dolly again. She'll carry her around all day with a rag or wipe and clean and cover her up. It's very cute. She's my little baby mama.
Her favorite hang out for about a week. Luckily she's forgotten about it for now.My little goggled pirate......showing off her little booty while digging for booty.Here we see an awesome display of morning hair.
And a coat I got on clearance at Old Navy. I love clearance shopping.
Look at her supermodel eyes! Such a little dolly.******************************************************************
I finally convinced Scott to wear some jeans. He hasn't worn any since high school and that was 10 years ago. He told me he felt weird all day at school dressed like this. I tried to get him to understand that he looked awesome, but he hasn't worn them again since. Doesn't he look handsome?!**************************************************************************
Some of her latest bath time hijinks.

Helping daddy make pumpkin pie. She's become my kitchen helper, of sorts.


therealmccoy said...

I had no idea Scott had a jean phobia -- well, let me be first to say that he looks goooood!

Jane is getting so big. I better get to meet her when you come to AZ!

Christie said...

I think he looks great in jeans, and guess what Scott, everyone wears them. Get in with the in crowd! hehe Jane is such a sweetie and she's getting so big. My favorite picture is of her bum as she's getting into the cupboard!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute!!!! She isn't just cute she is gorgy gorge (gorgeous) with her beautiful eyes and lovely lips. She's going to be so beautiful. Do you put her hair up a lot now? I love how she is stirring so gently, just like a heather baby...being very careful.

Scott you do look nice in jeans so wear them more often to make heather happy if for nothing else. You could match Jane, she's no jean-a-phobe. I just discovered I can wear jeans to my practicum so I am never wearing nice pants there again. I LOVE IT! Where I have worked for the past 4 1/2 years there is not denim anything allowed! I have been so deprived. Maybe you just have to buy a really good pair. That always makes me want to wear them.

well, larrbows

Jentry said...

We haven't seen you in only a week and I'm having serious with drawls. Did you cut Jane's hair? Love the new blog design, we need to hang out pronto.

Kelsey said...

LOVE the morning hair. She is totally cute. Glad to be stalking friends :)

Jenny said...

I love that coat!!!
For potty training Jaren I read a book (of course). I would try sitting her on the potty before bath time. You can let her play in a little bowl of warm water while she sits to help her stay long enough on the potty and to help her relax. Praise her if she goes.
Good Luck!

stephi k said...

I love those pictures of Jane! She is looking more and more like her Mom to me.
Before I read the caption, I thought, Scott looks really good in that picture! I guess I'm a jean-o-phile. He looks like a movie star (note my last post)!

Mrs. S said...

I LOVE that she climbs into the cabinet!! So cute.

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

Barlow Fam said...

I can't believe how big she is getting, Jane is so dang cute! Cameron loves to help cook too, they are so much fun!

Sarah said...

did you notice how when she is stirring she is moving her other non-stirring hand with the same motion? little thing trying to fine tune her fine motor skills. so precious.

oh word is manti! That's oober special.

well, manti!

Sarah said...

she's your "baby mama." Not to be confused with your "baby's momma."

i hate those terms! baby's momma or baby's daddy. the baby momma, the baby daddy. argh

my friend asked if jane was a pirate for halloween bc of the goggle pic.

Tracy said...

I love the bed head! She is very cute, no question that she belongs to you!

Luke and Bridget said...

She's adorable!! Can't wait to see you guys!!! :D

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