Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Phriday

Our dining room is carpeted, which I see as being a major design flaw. Jane, of course, is a messy eater/toddler.
Tan carpet + Food + Toddler = Disaster
Because I am tired of cleaning the carpet I decided to get a rug for under Jane's highchair. It is a lovely shade of clear and made of plastic. Okay, it's a shower curtain, but it works for me. The day after I put it under her chair, it was already saving the day.

At the very instant I was taking the above picture, Jane flung a piece of Jell-o behind her and it hit my hand just perfectly. I decided to document it for you all. She is a pretty good shot.

Since decorating the tree we have had many hours of tutorial about how she needs to leave the ornaments on the tree.

It's tough when the tree is so fascinating.

Here is a slideshow from the local Christmas parade last weekend.

A description of Jane Eating Cream of Wheat

A trip to the local Children's Museum


Tracy said...

who knew a shower curtain could have so many uses?!

Melissa B. said...

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Sara G said...

Gotta love messy babies! Good idea with the shower curtain!

therealmccoy said...

Oh wow, that was so interesting... a month ago! I need to see new pictures on Jane-ski-poo!

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