Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good Times

We recently had some fun bowling with some friends from Scott's program at the Student Union Building. Jane really got into it, constantly trying to run down the lanes after the balls. Neither of us did good enough to mention our scores but Jane had a diaper that required secondary female assistance in the ladies room. Thanks Sarah D.! Couldn't have made it out clean without you. UNL, you guys need changing tables! Some people have kids while students, despite the odd looks we receive because of it. Good times.
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P.S. Notice Scott's sweet stash he sported JUST for that one evening. Never again.


Luke and Bridget said...

SO cute! And wow... the stash... ;)

Jentry said...

So not only are you the weird Mormons, but you're the weird Mormons with awful facial hair. Thanks for representing, Scott. I'm sure Jane was hysterical running down the lanes. I hardly ever bowl over 100, so I'm sure your scores were just fine.

Christie said...

That is possibly the coolest stash in the world! It fits foe the bowling! Jane's hair is getting so long!

therealmccoy said...

I love the stash! I love that Scott is scared of jeans, but being handle-bar-Joe isn't at all intimidating!!!

Oh, and Jane is super cutesy-poo too.

adrianne said...

stu does things with his facial hair too. sometimes it's cool and other times it's plain creepy. especially when he starts speaking in spanish.

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