Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo Phriday

Kitty Kiddo

Shopping in the Children's Museum,
pickin' up a meat stick.

Tree House Hideout

Little Cowgirl

Chef Jane is serving pizza

Just having fun!

Grumpy in an apron

Playing house with daddy

Running up the sledding slide

Baby bucky beaver in the bath (say that 3 times fast!)


Sarah said...

I love baby bucky beaver! That's funny. She looks like such a big toddler!

Veronica Ernest said...

Oh my gosh! So Cute! I noticed my blog is not updating on anyone's list since I went private. So, you might have to just check it every once in awhile. Sorry.

QnA Drapers said...

Cute pics! Hope you make it home back to the cold safely! Bring home some sun for us.

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