Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet Little Ms. Grumpy Pants

Nap time is our friend, not our foe.
Routine is everything. This is what happens when mommy is a poor planner.
Need I say more?


Mathison Homeschool said...

I am so glad that you are a blogger. Thanks for droppong that note letting me know you have one too. I totally LOVE that static hair picture of your sweet Jane. =)

Jentry said...

I am so sorry. This only happens to you every blue moon, so I'd say you're a great planner.

therealmccoy said...

Wait, you're going to bring little Ms. Grumpy pants to my house? I thought we talked about participating in nap time together! Even upset she is still so cute:)

Sarah said...

Don't worry Mary, she NEVER cries. Once a week maybe. She's not like a real baby. She's a baby adult. She is too smart to cry I guess. She knows how to sing, hum, and play herself to happy land and calms herself down.

stephi k said...

This picture is so cute it looks staged! Did you tell her to fake it just so you could blog this?

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