Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Barf - Warning...GRAPHIC

This morning Jane was having her usual milk and watching a movie while we were "working on getting up" (don't judge, we are slow morning people). After a little while, she runs into our room saying, "mommy, my wet!" and "my milk spild". I notice she really was soaking wet down her front and saw white stuff in her nose and down her chin. Innocently, I was thinking her diaper had maybe sprung a leak that had somehow traveled up her chest...I know, so innocent.

Now, let me just explain. Jane has NEVER thrown up. She takes after her daddy who last threw up when he was 8 or so, besides one exception, he did it again ONCE while on chemo. I've thrown up more this year than he has his whole life! So, we are so proud of our Iron Stomach Jane.

I followed her out to the front room where I found a crime scene. It still only looked like her milk had spilled all over the carpet. I didn't even notice a stink. I started to clean it up, and Jane happily got me some towels, acting like her usual chipper self. After a while I started to notice that the "milk" was a little bit thick with some tiny chunks. Huh, that's odd...

Then I went to change her and then scrubbed the carpet some more. This is when I started to suspect something suspicious. This milk!!!

Regular me could probably handle the smell better, but pregnant me...not so fun. (No, I did not barf in response, as I'm sure a few of you are hoping so that this story gets more interesting.)

Then we went back to normalness. I gave Jane some water hoping she'd feel better soon. I came over to the computer to type up this inspiring story to share with you all. Jane wanted me to read her some books, so I paused at about line 2 of this tale and sat her on my lap for story time. We read The Twelve Days of Christmas (which I like to sing instead of read, and Jane likes me to read instead of sing) and then she ran to get another book. As soon as she brought the book over to me and sat on my lap (at the computer desk) up came the chunky milk! I didn't know what else to do but pull her back from the computer (save the expensive stuff first!) and put out my normal-sized hand to capture all the projectile fun. I just know realized that my shirt smells lovely...It was yucky, but she handled it like a champ! Out came about 3 hand fulls (which obviously did not all fit into my 1). I was able to hold the chunks and we wedged out of the cramped computer area and started to run to the bathroom. She barfed once again on the way (which I just realized I didn't clean, ew) and then I grabbed a little plastic basket from her play kitchen which came in handy 2 times while getting to the bathroom. Then I got her to stand by the toilet and get some in there. I have to now admit that I am so proud of her. She didn't cry, she immediately wanted to play. And during the "act" she was stoic and even aimed at whatever I told her to without objection. Good girl.

So, while I wrote this she was hosing off in the shower with daddy. I'm not sure what I can do to capture more before it hits upholstery or carpet. By the way, any hints on how to clean it out of the aforementioned?

(P.S. I stand corrected, she did throw up once while Scott was holding her, but it was just a little and Scott handled it all alone. Then she slept like usual.)

(P.P.S. This post is an obvious example of first time parent's issues/bragging. I'm sure you won't have to hear about girlie number 2's barfing experiences.)


Sarah said...

i think i'm gonna puke

Jane's amazing.

Mirien said...

Years ago, when Alyssa and Evan were little, we bought a Hoover steam vac carpet cleaner. One of our best purchases. I can't tell you how many times we've been a team in the middle of the night. One of us cleans up and comforts the kid, and the other one takes care of bedding and carpet cleaning. So fun. Hope Jane feels better soon!

Veronica Ernest said...

I hate throw up!!!!! My son used to throw up everytime he got anxious about something. GROSS!! He has chilled out. Thank goodness. Sorry for your mess and while your pregnant. Yuck.

Sarah said...

hahaha i love how only a few brave ones comment. this story is awesome sistah! when will i see thee, oh let me count they days...22! hmm..that seems like a long time. 3 wks I guess. are you ready for another child in 3 weeks???

Mike Kennedy said...

Rule #1-when throwing up have the kid stay in one place-then you have a pile to clean up instead of a trail down the hall
Rule#2-Any complaint about or indication of throwing up=get a really deep bucket and keep it close (5 or 6 gallon size is deep enough to contain splashes)

And, I have no idea how to clean it up. And, even I would have thrown up at the smell!

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