Friday, December 25, 2009


I think we may have slightly traumatized Jane with all our Santa talk. She was too scared to sleep last night and cried for at least 2 hours. She kept saying she didn't want him to come in her room. I think he may have redeemed himself this morning with her awesome toy haul.
We have been having a blizzard since yesterday but still thought it would be a good idea to try to visit some friends tonight for a yummy dinner. BAD IDEA.
About 2 blocks from our door we got stuck in a huge pile of drifted snow. Luckily (said sarcastically) we brought a frying pan (we don't own a innocent) to help scoop us out. Scott got our of the car while I rolled the car back and forth about 4 inches for like 10 minutes. Then, like a Christmas miracle, 3 guys came out of a house with a shovel and dug us out for 10 minutes. The whole time Jane was saying, "This is supid, mommy", while I'm hoping she is not really saying what I think she is saying. Yep, she was saying "stupid" and she learned it from us. Lesson learned.
Anyway, she was so worried about the car not working and "Where's daddy?!". 20 minutes and 2 blocks later, we were back home having our own little Christmas party.
Nebraska is awesome (said sarcastically).
Merry Christmas!

P.S. Keep your fingers crossed that this baby doesn't come until the plows get to work.


Sarah said...

I think that Jane being terrified about Santa is going down in history as my favorite Christmas tale ever. That is so funny. I can't wait to freeze to death in Nebraska (said sarcastically). Keep the baby in a bit longer. Can't wait to play with Jane and tear it up on the trampoline.

Alyss Paige said...

Lucky you didn't have the baby on christmas, a blizzard is what triggered Amber to go into labor.... something about the barometric pressure dropping....
Peace and Happy New Year - Randy & Amber

QnA Drapers said...

I hear home deliveryes aren't bad! Then Jane will have something other than Santa to be scared of.

Sara G said...

This story is hilarious! I LOVE that the girls are talking more, but I am not looking forward to hearing them say what I say...yikes.

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