Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Halloween (a little delayed)

Jane LOVED Halloween. She was so excited to go trick or treating. During the actual experience she was a little shy, but for days she couldn’t stop talking about it. She kept saying she wanted to go trick or treating and trying to put her costume on. I’m glad she was so in to it. People who don’t like Halloween are lame. My favorite memory is still when Scott dressed up like a woman in a nasty dress with a nasty purse and a long nasty gray wig and didn’t shave his beard. He worked as a teller at the bank all day like that! Some customers were actually irritated with him and wouldn’t let him help them. Lame-O’s.

This year Scott went as Lt. William Riker, I was Saturn (big belly - you have to take advantage of the bulbousness!), and Jane was a cow. JK, she was a lion. The cutest lion ever. She said she wanted to be a "roar" and when we picked it out from the store she wore it all around the store until we bought it. Cutie patootie.

Action shot.

Enjoying the spoils.


Kelsey said...

I like your costume, but was it difficult to navigate with the extra wideness? I can't seem to not run my belly into things, et alone with a ring around it :)

Momma Drama said...

Navigating around people was a little tougher. I actually tried to drive with it on at one point. Awkward.

The Bealers said...

Everytime I read your blog I get homesick for you. I love you. Your one of my favorite people.

Kim Beckstead Cooper said...

You always came up with the best halloween costumes! You look great! Congrats!

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